Off Duty Solutions

"Yes, because go between with police departments, great services, liaison with police very helpful, accident, drug house, general security very helpful as the liaison when needed."
G. Troutman
Springhurst Subdivision
Off Duty Police

Off-Duty Police

We encourage local off duty police to sign-up with Off Duty Solutions to view the available security jobs (assignments) that are uploaded directly by area business and individuals in your community. Learn more about off duty police jobs and view a sample shift calendar.

Off Duty Solutions make looking for supplemental employment easier through our online security job portal that lets approved off-duty police officers make additional income using their hard earned law enforcement backgrounds to assist the community with security needs.

Benefits for Off-Duty Police from Off Duty Solutions:

  • Created by police officers
  • 24/7 access to schdules
  • Immediate response to job requests
  • Ability to generate your payroll report
  • Competitive pay
  • Proven model for successful off-duty management

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