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"Yes, very professional, not just a body in the slot, customer friendly, customer attitude not cop attitude-in charge, can take direction."
M. Speevack
Republic Bank
Financial Security

Security Services: Banking and Financial Institution Security

Off-Duty Solutions understands the unique security service needs of banks and finiancial institutions.

Security services for banking and financial institutions can be complex. We have years of experience in this industry and provide all clients with a security consultation and risk assessment up front, making sure all areas of need are addressed and fully protected.

Off-Duty Solutions provides instant access to both sworn and non-sworn police officers, so you have the flexibility to select which security type best fits your needs for maximum protection.The majority of our security officers have law enforcement background with extensive training, so you receive the best protection and service your business deserves.


Security Services for Bank and Financial Institutions Include:

  • Custom consultation and security services program
  • Dependable off-duty police officers, that deliver protection on schedule
  • Off-duty officers that are highly trained with extensive law enforcement backgrounds
  • Our first-class security professionals that consistently exeed customer expectations
  • Outside security patrol
  • Marked or unmarked vehicle presence
  • Highly visible uniformed officers
  • Rapid customer service response


Trust the Protection of Your Business to the Security Service Experts at Off-Duty Solutions.

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